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Elena is a beautiful 23 year old Russian hailing from Washington who has an adventurous hippy spirit and a passion for exploration, including her own sexuality. We first see her indoors on a staircase, walking down on those mile-long legs…

Age: 23 | Height: 6′ | Figure: 34B-24-32
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...as it turns out she's done some fashion modeling in her past and that's no surprise when you get a look at this stunning young woman. She had chosen a glass toy and starts off talking about her masturbation habits (after a little show of her 'runway walk') before touching herself with her fingers as a demonstration.

We see her insert the toy deep and then use her strong vaginal muscles to push it out slowly for a sexy view of the action before she settles into a nice long masturbation session and some gaping - note how wet her silky pink privates are getting from the attention. She wanted some vibration so we see her deploy the mighty Vibraking toy and using that along with the glass toy brings her to a natural orgasm.

Next we see her having a little kinky fun with a banana, holding it between her legs with her thighs as she walks down the stairs and then penetrating herself with it, although her cute privates weren't quite ready yet for more orgasmic fun. After the banana she tries on some panties, showing how they tend to creep up between her lips for a 'cameltoe' and then trying panty stuffing for her first time! We see her make them completely disappear before being very slowly pulled out.

Next it's time for more vibration as she uses a black magic wand type toy along with a couple of the videographer's fingers and before long she was having another strong hip-bucking orgasm!

The following morning we see her bright and early getting dressed and ready for the day with a little bit of makeup, flashing her cute butt in what she calls her 'granny panties' before heading outside in a sexy semi-sheer dress and chunky heels to enjoy the sunshine and breeze, twirling around and putting on a show for the cars driving past on the freeway.

Next we see her slipping out of her dress to take a refreshing dip in the fountain - note how it makes her have to pee, which she does right in public - before scampering back inside just in case of unwanted attention. After getting changed on a boat into her tight stretchy workout gear she goes for a run past a public golf course, keeping those long sexy legs in fit shape.

Next she's back indoors in sexy black lingerie and wants to ride a toy so she literally rips her panties off! She rides a large black toy and then uses it to penetrate herself and we note how milky wet she's getting down there...then she heads onto the patio for some kinky fun using a baster to squirt water inside her vagina and then back out again. She gets the triple pleasure of a vibrator on her clitoris, water inside her vagina, and anal finger penetration all at the same time until she orgasms from all the stimulation and squirts water everywhere like a fountain!

She's a beautiful energetic quirky first-timer who loves sexual exploration out-of-the-norm and we hope you enjoy seeing her experience exactly that right here on FTV 🙂

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