Eva Nude Adult Photo Model
Eva Nude Adult Photo Model

Erotic Top Model


Slender, leggy nineteen year old Eva is a friend of recent update Violet, and wanted her first time adult shoot to be with FTV — partly because she loves the exhibitionism!

Age: 21 | Height: 5’5″ | Figure: 32B-22-30

Eva Nude Adult Photo Model

So we start in a very public place, a car show, watching her walk around in a conservative white dress and wedges, but start right away with upskirt views right there!

She has pubic hair, which when seen through the strong sunlight, can be seen right through the semi-seethrough white dress. No panties of course!

We also discover that she has a thing for butt plugs, and she's brought one with her -- so at a pretty resort, she decides to push one into her butt, and parade around the resort with it inside her! She keeps it in her because it feels good, and so it stays there even when she has breakfast, and we get to see it under the table...

Then she takes her clothes off to walk around naked in a parking lot, a construction area and the workers as well as drivers watch and enjoy that naked form. And the whole time, that butt plug stays in! Back home, she uses the Eroscillator toy (still with the butt plug inside her) to masturbate to a strong orgasm, and her strong vaginal contractions are amplified with the movement of the butt plug in response...

She gets so wet inside her fingers are full of her sticky juices as she pushes them in. She's also a squirter, in her own unique way -- if she squats after an orgasm, and fingers her g-spot, she'll end up squirting, and does so all over the floor...

And the water sports continue with her peeing poolside afterwards. Oh, and what a nice firm butt she's got!

Then we watch her play with her pubic hair, get extreme closeups of her pretty clit, and spread & gape herself, leading to anal fingering. She ends up getting four fingers in her butt! She goes as deep as she can, and enjoys that pressure.

Then its time for her to push her limits vaginally, as she attempts to fist, and nearly gets her whole hand in! It stretches her out quite a bit, so she can gape... and you see right inside her! Her strong vaginal muscles open and close her hole as she wishes...

She's wearing a cute miniskirt and heels, no panties of course... and fingers herself right there as people walk by!

Doing upskirt twirls and just generally being a spunky fun girl in heels, she pulls out her glass butt plug toy, and pushes in into her butt right there in the open!

Bending over, that miniskirt is so short you see the plug sticking out of her perfect, firm toned butt!

She has that natural talent to move in a sexy way, whether its twirling the upskirt in public, or dancing to music. So she does a sexy striptease to a song, and we get to enjoy that slender, firm and toned figure move before our eyes.

Then she masturbates with the Eroscillator toy and the glass plug in her butt, to another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Notice how the orgasm makes the butt plug move about! She gets so wet, and tastes herself...

When she gapes, notice how wet she is inside! She fingers herself while squatting, to squirt one more time. She has pierced nipples, and we watch her twist and pull on them up close, and she can even lick her nipples!

With the Big Ten Toy, she shows off an incredible talent -- the ability to deepthroat -- really deep! She takes two thirds of the Big Ten down her thoat when she gives it a blowjob! She then rides it hard and deep, nearly to its base, and then fucks herself with it on the couch. Even though her vagina is so filled with the big ten, she pushes the butt plug in her ass as well!

That gives her even more pleasure, along with rubbing her clit, to another orgasm. There was a cosplay event going on nearby, and Eva wanted to be a part of it -- in her case, in a princess Leia outfit!

Her body has the perfect shape for it, and as she walks about in a busy grocery area, she confuses random passers-by, and does a little pole climb for the heck of it!

She finds somewhere in the back to flash and finger herself, but goes home to achieve one of the most extreme anal things we've ever seen!

Taking the 14 inch long butt toy, she pushes it in, deeper and deeper, until she gets almost the entire thing in her butt!

That is the deepest any girl has ever done a toy in her butt on FTV.

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